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Creation of Wonderland

How Did We Get Here?

Through the Looking Glass Podcast, is a spin-off from the original. Relationships Through the Looking Glass focused on relationships between men and women. Dropping off "relationships" allows us to discuss a greater level of topics. The goal is the same, to talk about our differences and to understand one another while working towards a common goal of unity. 


The balanced and authentic conversations are rooted in the guiding principle of "The Looking Glass Self" theory.  Using this concept allows us to use topics to educate people on how your view of others impacts how you show up in relationships and in the world. Creating authentic, healthy relationships first starts with being honest about who you are and what you need to feel safe and connected in relationships.


The theme of "Alice in Wonderland" was a no-brainer. It is Michelle's favorite childhood story and explains how the distorted views of social constructs and norms skew your view of who you truly are. So follow us into Wonderland and learn more about who you are and ways to grow in your truth.

Recording Studio

Michelle is also the creator of the story  "Alice's Journey Home" which was an audio drama based on the 1st and 2nd seasons of the podcast. These creative works were submitted for the 30 Day Challenge as a Content Creator of Color. Check it out here! 

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