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The Hosts

Learn all about the voices behind the microphone each week. 

Michelle Ronin

Creator - Producer - Creative Director - Host

Well, this could be fun! I mean I am designing this website so I can technically write anything I want about myself here couldn't I. I could make up the most outlandish bunch of lies and you would have no choice but to believe it. However, lying is not a skill of mine. So here are the facts. 

I am awkward on most days and will say all the wrong things at the wrong time. However, I can drop a 25-40 page sourced research paper in the blink of an eye. I am introverted but will speak to the right person for hours. I use all things creative as my therapy. I can fall in love with voices and create a world in my head with inspiration from the color of the sky at sunset. I am organized confusion and structured chaos at its best. I was born to not fit in and make others feel included in all I do. I am a podcaster to help people make sense in a world that usually makes none.

Podcast HS.jpeg

Markis Knight

Co=Creator  - Host


Keisha Benekin


My reasoning for podcasting:​ I’ve always been eager to help others by providing wise creditable  information in a holistic approach. I enjoy being a podcaster because it’s a gateway to socially reach many people around the world. Our Podcasting is so uncut and real. The content is Comprehensible for a mature audience. One of the greatest benefits of being a co-host is the ‘light bulb moments’ when salient have arrived as the top at hand is being dissected. Another benefit rather fact is  everyone learns something new from the hosts to the listeners.

Flamingo 1

Chris Christian


My reasoning for podcasting is to get these thoughts out of my head and into the atmosphere. Who knows, it may make the world a better place. I also enjoy hearing other opinions/perspectives to help get me outside my bubble.​

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