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In a Nutshell

The introverted, nutritionist, masculine addition to the crew who has an opinion on everything.

- Jack of all trades, master of many

- The ultimate Gemini ♊️

- Only 2 ways to feel about Chris --love/admiration or hate/disgust ❤️🤬

- Mood changes like VA weather 🌦

- Awesome black father👌🏽

- Grillmaster 🍗

- Never met a subject I had no opinion on


- Stay ready all-star ⭐️

Oh, and for the star people


Gemini ♊️ Sun - Pisces ♓️ Moon - Leo ♌️ Rising

Top Saying

"No one cares, work harder"

imagejpeg_0 2.jpg

Three Wishes

Unlimited money


Perfect health


Unlimited wishes


5 Faves

Singer - Kanye West ( the old Kanye not the OLD Kanye)

Drink - 1792 small batch

Color - Purple

Number - 33

Movie - Training Day

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