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In a Nutshell

The extroverted, therapy-providing, diva addition to the crew.


-Licensed Professional Mental Health Therapist 🧠

-Pillar of community resources 📖

-Escapade Adventurous 🧳

-Water Meditator 💧

-Poetic 🗣

-Enjoys live bands 🎤

-Provokes inner beauty to shine outward💋

-Gamma female

-Hummingbird energy

-Moon girl 🌙

-Event planning and interior designer 🖼


Oh, and for the star people


Cancer ♋️ Sun - Gemini ♊️ Moon - Leo ♌️ Rising

Top Sayings

"This is a small chapter in your huge book of life."

"Don’t leave any of your blessings on the table"


"Faith without work is dead."


Three Wishes

- Remain in good health

and in my rightful mind


- Living a long life pleasing to Christ


- All of my dreams come true according to the Lord’s plan for my life.


5 Faves

Singer- Otis Redding and Tucka


Drinks — Coke and Washington Apple


Color - Blue


Number(s) -  79, 20, 19, 7

Movies- anything by Adam Sandler

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