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Why Do We Think This Podcast is Needed in Today's Culture

In an increasingly disconnected world, nourishing relationships is crucial for our mental health and humanity. That's why this podcast takes a compassionate, psychology-focused approach to relationship discussions. Our team unites licensed therapists, trauma specialists, research psychologists and people with lived experience to start thoughtful dialogues grounded in expertise and real life stories. When we open up with empathy about relationship challenges and truths, we gain insight into ourselves and what connects us all. By reflecting together on the diverse voices and perspectives of attachment, trauma, communication and more, this podcast aims to build understanding across divides, empower change, and remind us of the healing, enriching power of healthy human bonds. 

Our Core Beliefs

The Foundation of the Podcast


Show up as your true self; no matter what/ who that is


Get to know your demons and be able to address the impacts of your behavior


You don't know what you don't know...let's fix that


Commitment to yourself and your current/future partner is key to addressing challenges


Use resources provided and made available to you

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