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Top Sayings | Ethos

"Time is a nonrenewable resource - don't waste it!"

"Don't talk about about it!"

"I won't ask you to do what I am not willing to do myself."


Three  Wishes

- Every child knows what it feels like to be in a loving family

- A cure for cancer

- A way to get all my time back that I allowed people to waste  


Personal Anthem:  "I Like That" Janelle Monae

5 Faves

Singer - Stevie Wonder

Drink - Green Tea/Water

Color - Teal

Number - 8

Movie - Anything with Keanu Reeves


5 Facts

Painter and Digital Artist

She plays the piano, violin, clarinet, and cello (not so much right now)

Marvel over DC

She is a certified hypnotherapist 

She is scared of the dark but loves scary movies

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