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In A Nutshell

The introverted, hippie, stargazing addition to the crew.

- A Struggling PhD Student 📕

- Proud BLERD

- Tech Ninja by night 💻🥷 (SQL - HTML)

- Tree Hugger 🌲 (mini-jungle owner)

- Beach Lover (mermaid) 🧜🏾‍♀️

- Vegan-ish 🌱 (cheese is my vice)

- Conscious Creative 🎨

- Music Lover 🎶

- Sigma Female

- INFJ 🦄

- Fluent in Sarcasm

I like books and dogs more than most people.


Oh, and for the star people


     Pisces ♓️ Sun - Sagittarius ♐️ Moon - Libra ♎️ Rising

Top Sayings

"Time is a nonrenewable resource - don't waste it!"

"Don't talk about about it!"

"I won't ask you to do what I am not willing to do myself."


Three Wishes

- Every child knows what it feels like to be in a loving family

- A cure for cancer

- A way to get all my time back that I allowed people to waste  

5 Faves

Singer - Stevie Wonder

Drink - Green Tea/Water

Color - Teal

Number - 8

Movie - Anything with Keanu Reeves

Personal Anthem:

"I Like That" Janelle Monae

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